Blockchain Foundations

Blockchain Foundations

Educate and empower yourself to confidently advise your career, clients, and colleagues about digital asset technologies.

The Blockchain Foundations course introduces the world of blockchain, bitcoin, and distributed ledgers. You will learn the basics, look at how blockchain works, explore Bitcoin, review blockchain’s brief and fascinating history, and show you the practical usage of this technology. The objective of the course is to provide a solid foundation for those looking to gain a deeper understanding and learn how it will affect nearly all business areas. With a firm focus on, but not entirely limited to, the finance industry, we will look at use cases already in the market and emerging use cases to alter how we operate businesses and safeguard our personal information.

Questions We’ll Explore:

  • How does blockchain work?
  • What is mining and hashing?
  • Do digital wallets differ in their capabilities?
  • How will smart contracts change how we operate?
  • What are the nuances with Private vs. Public vs. Hybrid and Permissioned vs. Permissionless blockchains?
  • What are the different types of consensus, and how does the consensus mechanism differ from protocol to protocol?

Course Assessments

  • Three Quizzes – 18 questions
  • Course Final – 30 questions
  • BCA Microcredential Exam

Exam Voucher Included:

  • Microcredential: Blockchain Foundations
  • Certification body: Blockchain Certification Association (BCA)

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 20 Total Hours
  • OnDemand: 15 Hours
  • Instructor AMA: 5 Hours
  • Tuition: $695
Courses in this ProgramHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HourOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Blockchain Foundations15 Hours OnDemand - Instructor Supported
Live Instructor AMA - Weekly 5 HoursLive Online Weekly

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Blockchain Foundations Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this intensive program, participants will be able to:

Explore the origins of blockchain and understand how the technology will disrupt many industries

Position your mindset to the web3 way of operating online;

Comprehend and articulate blockchain applications, or DApps (decentralized applications);

Course and tuition credit towards advanced blockchain Certification tracks.

Certificate of Completion

Eligible for BCA Microcredential Exam

  • Blockchain Foundations Microcredential
  • BCA Exam Fee is included in the tuition

Share your digital badge with employers, clients, investors, and team members.


No prior blockchain or computer programming experience is required. A 10th-grade reading and math proficiency is recommended.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning about Web3, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology.

Sample Course Content

Module 1: Blockchain Background and Basics
M1-Lesson-1: Blockchain History
M1-Lesson 4: How Blockchain Works
M1-Lesson 6: What are the Properties of a Blockchain?

Module 2: Different Types of Blockchains
M2-Lesson-1: Private vs. Public Blockchains
M2-Lesson-2: Permissioned vs. Permissionless
M2-Lesson-3: Public vs. Private vs Hybrid Discussion

Module 3: Consensus
M3-Lesson-1: Consensus Mechanisms
M3-Lesson-2: Consensus Protocols – 14 examples

Module 4: Cryptography and Hashing
M4-Lesson-1: Machine/Mathematical Cryptography
M4-Lesson-2: Hash Function Properties

Module 5: Smart Contracts
M5-Lesson-2: Intensive Smart Contracts
M5-Lesson-3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Contracts
M5-Lesson 4: Blockchain Oracles

Module 6: Blockchain Wallets
Module 7: Pros and Cons

Module 8: Public Blockchain-Based Applications
Module 9: Blockchain and Crypto Regulation
M9-Lesson-1: Regulatory Opportunity and Challenges
M9-Lesson-2: Global Regulations
M9-Lesson-3: Regulatory View of Bitcoin

Module 10: Regulatory Reporting
Module 11: Distributed Autonomous Organizations
M11-Lesson-1: The DAO – Distributed Autonomous Organization
M11-Lesson-2: The DAO Attack – Legal and Other Issues

Module 12: Blockchain Today
Module 13: The Trilemma

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Certified Blockchain Project Manager
Certified Blockchain Business Professional
Certified Multi-Protocol Blockchain Developer
Certified Blockchain Security Professional
Certified Blockchain Legal & Regulatory Professional
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Certified Blockchain Healthcare Professional
Certified Blockchain Insurance Professional
Certified Blockchain Supply Chain Professional

Program Info

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: OnDemand & LIVE Instructor AMA
  • Tuition: $695
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 20 Total Hours
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Additional Information

  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Student Orientation
  • Weekly LIVE Instructor AMAs

Exam Voucher Included

  • Blockchain Foundations Microcredential
  • Issuing Body: Blockchain Certification Association (BCA)
  • 30 Questions
  • Pass Rate 75% – two exam attempts

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