Agile Blockchain Scrum Master

Agile Blockchain Scrum Master

A distributed workforce building distributed applications need Agile Scrum

Modern software development industry demands project management methodologies.  Agile and scrum are two similar project management systems with a few key differences. Agile is more flexible and promotes leadership teams, while scrum is more rigid and promotes cross-functional teams.

Agile lets teams develop projects in small increments called “sprints” and allows for more effective collaborations among teams working on complex projects.

Agile scrum methodology is used by companies of all sizes for its ability to provide high-end collaboration and efficiency for project-based work. Agile and scrum are two different methods and can be used separately; however, their combined benefits make the agile scrum methodology the most popular use of agile.

Questions We’ll Explore

  • What is the Agile process?
  • What does a Scrum Master do?
  • Who or what roles can apply these principles?
  • Why is Agile Scrum so important?
  • How does a team combine methodologies?

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 20 Total Hours
  • OnDemand: 15 Hours
  • LIVE Instructor: 5 Hours
  • Tuition: $1,695
Courses in this ProgramHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 Hours LIVE Online Instructor Led
Intro to Blockchain Scrum Master3 Hours OnDemand - Instructor Supported
Scrum Methods for Blockchain4 Hours OnDemand - Supported
Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies4 Hours OnDemand - Supported
Scaling Agile Solution for Blockchain to a team-of-teams4 Hours OnDemand - Supported
Live Instructor AMA - Weekly5 Hours LIVE Online Instructor Led

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Agile Scrum Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this intensive program, participants will be able to:

Understand the Agile Manifesto and various families of Agile Methodologies and how they apply to building Blockchain products and all products.

Practice as a Scrum Master and lead Scrum Teams developing Blockchain products, device development, and other complex product development.

Design unique Agile solutions for teams based on Scrum and other Agile methodologies.

Lead and mentor teams in Scrum and other Agile methodologies to iteratively deliver complex solutions such as Blockchain products, hardware products, devices, and other advanced technology products.


Architect scaled Agile solution alignments where several teams work together, iteratively building and delivering product components.

Supporting the regular integration of the scaled agile teams’ output to deliver a single product to the customer iteratively.

Certificate of Completion

Eligible for BCA Certification Exam

  • Certified Agile Blockchain Scrum Master
  • Exam Fee is included in your tuition


No prior blockchain or computer programming experience required. Knowledge of Project Management, Scrum or Agile is helpful, but not required.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in leading teams building Blockchain products or other complex technical products.

Sample Course Content

COURSE 1: Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master

Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master

  • M1-L1-Agile Scrum Intro
  • M1-L2-Agile Family of Methodologies
  • M1-L3-Agile Manifesto Values

Module 2: Agile Economics, Managing, Options, Myths and Benefits

  • M2-L1-Agile Economics
  • M2-L3-Options Benefits Myths – Reading Assignment
  • M2-L4-Agile Options Benefits Myths

Module 3: Scrum Master Role, Scrum Roles, Teams, Basics

  • M3-L1-Scrum Pillars Values
  • M3-L2-Scrum Terms, Roles, Team
  • M3-L3-SM PO Characteristics User Story Tasks
  • M3-L4-PO Characteristics User Story Tasks

Module 4: Iteration Basics and Elements

  • M4-L1-Intro to Iteration
  • M4-L2-Interation Execution
  • M4-L3-Concluding Iteration
  • M4-L4-Scrum Artifacts

Module 5: Blockchain Elements Leadership

  • M5-L1-Blockchain Aspects Leadership
  • M5-L2-Elements and Components

COURSE 2: Scrum Methods for Blockchain

  • M1-User Stories

  • M2-User Story Estimation

  • M3-Team Velocity

  • M4-Scrum Events

  • M5-Prioritize the Backlog

  • M6-Scrum Reporting

  • M7-Scrum Teams

  • M8-Risk Management


COURSE 3: Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies

  • M1-Architecting Solutions
  • M2-Test Driven Dev Demo
  • M1-Continuous Integration
  • M2-Lean Methods
  • M3-Dev Ops
  • M3-Release Management

COURSE 4: Scaling Agile Solution for Blockchain to a team-of-teams

  • M1-Foundations of Scaling Agile, Blockchain development and other complex product development.
  • M2-The Scaled Agile team-of-teams and the Agile enterprise.
  • M2-Continuous Integration, testing automation and other practices to maintain scaled teams alignment.
  • M3-The Scaled Agile approach to teams-of-teams building Blockchain products, hardware-software devices, and solutions.
  • M4-Blockchain product and device evaluation, maintaining Blockchain products and devices,  and other business outcomes.

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  • Location: LIVE Instructor Led Online & OnDemand
  • Tuition: $1,695
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 20 Total Hours
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